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Planting Season 2022

We are off to a fantastic start to the season.

As we do every year we held our team planting workshop in May - prior to moving from our maintenance work and into getting plants in the ground.

The workshop is an in-depth training opportunity for our new and current staff alike.

Over 3 days we look at the fundamentals of ensuring our plants are given their best start to life in their new location

Not only do we look at plant handling and planting technique, but we also ensure the team are educated on the plants that are going in the ground. It's so important that our crew know their plants and what should go where, so they can make informed decisions once they are on site.

We are in the unique situation of growing our own plants from seed, so our nursery staff work with our operations crew to help them understand plant health and handling.

We are so proud of the plants we grow, being able to ensure they are handled correctly from the moment they leave the nursery is essential for good strong growth once they are in the ground on site.

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