Our Approach

We offer a full-service environmental and land management consultancy specialising in large scale ecological restoration projects. 

Our team of ecologists work are across all our projects to ensure we deliver a high quality, seamless service and environmental best practice. 

We have strong ties to the rural sector and are passionate about seeing more conservation projects on rural and private land.  We bring a practical, farmer friendly approach to conservation, which is essential as the bulk of our lowland biodiversity in the greater Auckland region exists on private landholdings in rural areas. 


Our clients include:

  • farmers and landowners looking to improve environmental land management on farms, including riparian restoration, erosion protection etc

  • small scale developers and landowners wishing to undertake rural residential subdivision

  • large scale developers requiring help with compliance/mitigation on RMA matters

  • working with local authorities on biodiversity projects, often in partnership with private landowners

  • community and environmental groups

  • targeted pest plant control in Auckland Council's northern regional parks


At the start of every project we take the time to both fully understand what you are trying to achieve to support the unique ecosystem on your land.  This enables us to develop a bespoke and integrated plan that will deliver on your project goals and support developing a sustainable ecosystem.


Triggering the recovery of the native vegetation and ecosystem:


Restoring ecosystems isn’t always about planting. We aim to establish primary colonising species common in naturally occurring scrub vegetation, with the intention of encouraging the natural return of native vegetation and ecosystem recovery.  

This is often all that is required to provide the necessary conditions to trigger the recovery of the vegetation type that is natural to the ecosystem at any given site. Supplementary planting and higher cost land management options are a last resort. 


This approach acknowledges nature’s inherent biological capacity to recover from disturbance and minimises the amount of management input required, triggering the recovery of native vegetation and ecosystems

Protecting the genetic diversity of local plant populations:


We ecosource all our plants, which means that we use locally sourced plants for local planting projects.   This approach underpins everything we grow and helps to protect the unique genetic diversity of local plant populations.


“Partnering with farmers to achieve both good farming and environmental outcomes is a key focus.”


“At Scrub, we believe that 'nature knows best' and we aim to restore self-sustaining ecosystems in modified environments with minimal intervention