Expert Environmental Planning & Advice

Led by ecologist and Scrub Director, Rodney Straka, the Scrub team provides ecology-based services to greater Auckland landowners and managers. Our ecologists balance technical and practical considerations on all our projects enabling us to deliver practical advice on all aspects of rural based, resource consent, land management and conservation projects. 


We frequently draw on the experience of our operational teams, in our ecology planning work, ensuring our recommendations are technically sound and can be feasibly implemented. We often utilise drone aerial technology to inform our planning advice and setup a baseline for ongoing project monitoring.

The teams’ services include advice and support with:

Ecological restoration project planning: 

Including evaluation of restoration potential, baseline assessments of flora/fauna, revegetation plans, weed and animal pest management plans and wetland restoration planning.



Including all necessary ecology-based documentation to accompany Resource Consent applications, including ecological assessments, management plans, vegetation surveys, mapping and more.

Community, environment and conservation: 

Supporting community, Iwi and Landcare groups with assistance in obtaining funding and providing technical support in the roll-out of projects.

Advocacy and protection:

Supporting and promoting conservation and biodiversity work to restore and protect native biodiversity.

Rural land use:

Including full farm conservation plans, riparian and wetland restoration plans and farm and paddock mapping via drone. 

Riparian and catchment management:

Supporting stream and catchment-based environmental work