Scrub Operations & Implementation

We offer a full range of implementation services needed for undertaking large scale environmental restoration projects.  Established in 2007, our operational teams undertake a variety of work including site preparation, environmental weed control, revegetation planting, animal pest control, and ongoing maintenance and management of restoration areas.  


Often, our Scrub team will have prepared the plans and reports to inform the operational implementation of restoration or revegetation projects.  However, our operations teams can work with existing documents/specifications for your project.  Either way, all aspects of our implementation are overseen by expert ecologists.


Our operations team undertakes all aspects of the work involved for the successful implementation of a revegetation project.  Our projects range from 1000 plants to supplement existing vegetation (such as buffering an existing bush area), to planting 100,000+ plants as part of a full-scale restoration of native habitat.

Environmental Weed Control

Our team offer specialised weed control advice and control work. This can be as part of an independent project or a wider restoration project.   


We use the latest in equipment and technology, including deckmounted Quikspray units, GPS-based grid searching and geospatial reporting on weed work.

Animal Pest Control

Often required as part of a revegetation project, or as a stand-alone activity as part of an ecological restoration project, our team are qualified and experienced in undertaking possum, rodent and mustelid control using bait stations, traps and toxins.   We also manage projects where other animals or pests need to be controlled, such as goats, pigs and deer.