CUE Haven

Community project; Large-scale revegetation

Scrub is proud to provide ongoing support and ecological expertise for the transformation of a 24-hectare former dairy farm on the Kaipara Harbour.


This community project began in 2008 and involves large scale revegetation to help create a thriving native forest ecosystem supporting native plant, bird and aquatic life.


Since 2008, CUE Haven has attracted thousands of volunteers who have planted over 169,000 ecosourced native trees to restore the wetlands and connect the bush remnants on the property. The restoration process and a program of intensive pest control have improved the water quality, encouraged the natural regeneration of the forest and helped bring back native birds and aquatic life.


The bulk of the restoration was completed by 2017. Landowners, Thomas and Mahrukh then gifted the property to the CUE Haven Community Trust (a NZ registered Charity) so that it can be enjoyed by the wider community.


“The project, and the volunteer story behind the restoration, shows the difference a community coming together can make to leave an enduring legacy, and also provides an inspirational environmental educational opportunity for study and research.” 


Several Auckland schools bring students to CUE Haven for outdoor education. The restoration is presently the subject of two University of Auckland Masters research projects - one investigating carbon sequestration in native revegetation plantings and the other investigating wetland regeneration.

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Our Role


Scrub has been involved with CUE Haven since its inception and continues to provide advice and support to the project more than a decade later. Both Rodney and Jane are committed to helping Thomas and Mahrukh achieve their vision of creating a sustainable native nature reserve for

future generations to enjoy.


In 2008 Rodney prepared the initial 10-year restoration plan with funding from the Department of Conservation Biodiversity Advice Fund.  And now a decade later, the Department of Conservation has again provided CUE Haven funding through the DOC Community Fund for the preparation of a new long-term reserve management plan which will be completed in mid 2020.


In 2017 Jane was appointed as a Trustee to the CUE Haven Management Trust.  Rodney is on the Advisory Boards of both the CUE Haven Community and Management Trusts and provides technical ecological advice and advice on governance matters.


Specifically, our support has included:

  • Preparation of full property restoration plan in 2008

  • Preparation of the long term Reserve Management Plan in 2020

  • Eco-sourcing of seed and plant propagation

  • Planting implementation (prior to the engagement of volunteer planting groups)

  • Maintenance of planting areas through to canopy closures

  • Development of onsite nursery and provision of seedlings for nursery

  • Delivery of environmental education programme

  • Ongoing project advice

Key Project Statistics

  • 169,000 ecosourced plants supplied

  • 24ha retired from farming and converted to native forest

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