Brookby Quarry

Mitigating the impact of commercial expansion: restoring streams, wetlands and gully areas

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Located near Clevedon in south Auckland, Brookby Quarry supplies approximately 2.5 million tonnes of aggregate to the Auckland region. Due to an increasing demand for aggregate the Quarry has recently been granted consent to expand its operations.

As part of its consenting package, the Quarry is implementing a large-scale restoration project to mitigate the environmental effects of the expansion, including offsetting the removal of native forest that was sitting on top of the rock resource.  The restoration work is resulting in the staged revegetation of land adjacent to the quarry, including the restoration of streams, wetlands and gully areas.


“This has been a very rewarding project.  The team at Quarry are committed to ensuring alignment between their commercial goals and their care for the surrounding environment. The restoration work that has been completed shows how these goals can work in tandem – restoring successfully functioning eco-systems on modified land, while operating a commercial business.”



Our Role


Scrub supports the restoration work through offering a full range of services from ecological planning and advice, to native plant seed sourcing and propagation, and implementation and maintenance.  Specifically, Scrub’s role included:

  • Reviewing and implementing restoration plans prepared by Bio-researchers.

  • Seed sourcing and plant propagation

  • Planting implementation

  • Maintenance of planting areas

  • Managing helicopter and drone aerial spraying contractors involved with site preparation.

Key Project Statistics

  • 2017 – ongoing

  • 85,000 eco-sourced plants supplied and planted to date

  • 12ha of restoration planting to date

  • 1.2km+ of first and second order stream retired and restored