Awakeri Wetlands Stormwater Improvements

Supporting the recovery of a sustainable eco-system in Takanini

The Awakeri Wetlands Project is a visionary Auckland Council led project that aims to improve the flood prone areas in Takanini through the building of a stormwater channel.  This will help open up peaty, rural land for housing.   

The building of this 2.3km long stormwater channel will create a natural stream and wetland areas – once finished, it will be the largest scale open stormwater channel in New Zealand.


Scrub is supporting this project through helping restore natural habitats with native planting, including 500 specimen trees, 100,000+ plants, and the reintroduction of two regionally extinct species: Sporadanthus ferrugineus and Empodisma robusta

Solving the flooding and stormwater issues will support the development of open green spaces, and the restoration of natural habitats.  This is turn helps create healthy and connected waterways, and enables cycleways, board walks and pathways to be built for the community to enjoy.


“At Scrub, we eco-source all our plants.  This means that we use locally sourced plants for local planting projects, helping protect the unique genetic diversity of that particular plant population. This approach is key to supporting the recovery of a sustainable eco-system in Takanini, once the flood issues have been addressed.”


Our Role


We became involved in the project in 2017.  Our work is ongoing, and includes:

  • 2017 – ongoing

  • Eco sourcing of seed, including obtaining DOC consents, and preparation of threatened species translocation plan

  • Propagation and plant supply

Key Project Statistics

  • 500,000+ seeds collected

  • 100,000 plants to be propagated and supplied