Specialist weed control and data recording

Tawharanui Boundary Block grid searching

Auckland Council manages environmental weed species through the Regional Park network via a strategic long term weed control programme.  Each Regional Park is divided into numerous management blocks and weed control requirements are tailored to these blocks. The control work undertaken by 

Scrub requires methodical grid-searching of the blocks and controlling identified and prioritized weed species during the search.


Technology is used to improve efficiencies and accuracy with GPS’s used to define search boundaries, find and recheck previous high priority control sites, record new sites, and record the coverage of each team member while grid-searching. A large amount of data is also produced, processed and passed on to Auckland Regional Council as part of the ongoing reporting requirements for the work.

Our Role


Since 2015, Scrub has been the key contractor providing specialist weed control services in Regional Parks including Tawharanui, Wenderholm, Atiu Creek and Te Muri – Mahurangi West. 

The Scrub team provides:

  • Environmental weed control teams with specialist grid-searching skills and experience

  • Continual technical development around recording information and data capture (Scrub has developed its own data recording App via Fulcrum)

  • Reporting to Council via tracklogs, POI's, search coverage maps and herbicide use records.


Key Project Statistics

  • Approximately 500+ ha of Regional Park vegetation grid searched per annum (equals 1000 kilometers of search line)

  • 300+ POI’s rechecked annually

  • 100+ new POI’s recorded annually