At Scrub, we specialise in large scale, ecology-led, land restoration and management projects. Our expert ecologists, native plant growers, and operational teams, focus on restoring modified environments to support the return of self-sustaining, high functioning and diverse ecosystems.

We take a pragmatic approach to reinstating, protecting and enhancing the natural environment and will work with you from project conception through to completion to achieve better outcomes for the local eco-system.


We have the unique skills and experience, combined with technical, scientific and ecology knowledge to determine the best course of action required to reinstate natural ecosystem processes while acknowledging that

‘nature knows best’.  

If you are considering a large-scale land restoration project, or need advice and support on any aspect of environmental planning, ecological restoration, or revegetation planting, or to find out more about our eco-sourced native plant nursery, we would love to hear from you.”

- Rodney and Jane Straka, Directors, Scrub

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437 Monowai Road, RD1, Wainui (site visits by appointment only)

PO Box 40 4072 Puhoi

09 420 4082